general chiropractic careDr. G Chiropractic and his experienced and compassionate staff are committed to helping patients on the path to healing and recovery. Dr. Gordon Braun has the training to perform a wide variety of chiropractic techniques and styles for whatever your condition may be. Whether you suffer from accidents, sports injuries or you just want to improve your or your family's health through a better functioning nervous system, Dr. G will help create a path to recovery that is catered to your needs. He also has experience in helping patients deal with addictions, including smoking. For more information on how Dr. G Chiropractic can help you, call 786-439-0123 or visit today!

"I feel that Dr. G really cares about me and my son. My pain is gone. I have more energy, am able to exercise more and have lost weight. I can sleep through the night. I am conscious of the habits that can cause the pain to recur."  Maggie

"I wanted to wait at least nine months before saying anything about my life since going to Dr. G. My life has completely improved.  My body also stimulated me to work on myself emotionally and spiritually. I love coming to treatment even after one year because this team cares about me and believes in the same principles I do. The body can heal itself with proper guidance. Thanks, Dr. G."  Rose

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